Have you heard about an alkaline diet?

Have you heard about an alkaline diet?

To cut a long story short, there is research out there that suggests that acidic diets eventually reduce the functionality of the body’s immune system.

You want a strong and healthy immune system to combat any disease or infection.

The good news is that fruit and veg are the key to an alkaline diet.

See table below shows average PRAL scores for various food groups. Table is modified from http://www.alkalisinggreens.com (see this website for full table).

The lower the PRAL number (more negative) the more alkalising potential the food has. The higher the PRAL number (more positive) the more acidic the food is.


Food Group and Food       PRAL

Meat & Meat Products           9.5
Fish                                               7.9
Milk and non-cheese            1.0
Low protein cheese               8.0
High protein cheese             23.6
Sugar and Sweets                   4.3
Vegetables                                -2.8
Fruit, Nuts and Juices        -3.1
Bread                                          3.5
Flour                                           7.0
Noodles                                      6.7
Legumes                                    1.2
Fats and Oils                             0

*This table is adapted from the Remer and Manz study and each PRAL score is based on a 100g portion of food.

Science & Physiology Of Specific Food Combinations For Peak Health & Energy!
Correct Food Combining
By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

There are some really alkalising fruit and vegetables presented on the full table at http://www.alkalisinggreens.com

Some of these are listed below

Product                PRAL Score
Carrots                     -4.9
Cauliflower             -4.0
Celery                        -5.2
Potatoes                   -4.0
Spinach                    -14.0
Apricots                   -4.8
Bananas                   -5.5
Kiwi Fruit                -4.1

Have a great week.

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